Tax Lien Foreclosures

We have substantial experience in assisting clients with foreclosure of property tax lien certifications. Property tax certificates have become a popular and widespread manner of investment in real estate, while minimizing risks of ownership and attaining a reasonable rate of return. By statute, a property tax lien earns interest at the rate of 16% per annum, although the rate of return you will realize depends upon the terms under which you purchase a property tax certificate from the county.

We have experience in foreclosing property tax certificates in Pima, Cochise, Pinal, and Santa Cruz counties. We can advise inexperienced investors in proper methods and procedures and assist all property tax certificate owners in foreclosure of your tax certificates, with a goal toward either your receiving payment for the certificate and your costs of foreclosure or obtaining title to the underlying property.

Occasionally, property owners facing a tax lien foreclosure will file a bankruptcy proceeding. We are able to assist and represent you in any such proceeding.