Real Estate

It would be our pleasure to assist you with the purchase or sale of real estate, whether it be your personal residence, residential rental property, office building, or other commercial property. We are able to assist you in identifying your goals and implementing necessary agreements to achieve those goals.

We can also assist with residential or commercial evictions, or foreclosure of defaulted deeds of trust, mortgages, or contracts for sale. In appropriate cases, a deed in lieu of foreclosure might be your best solution when you have a cooperative debtor and no adverse liens on the title.

In cases where title to real estate is clouded by a defective lien, a lien which has expired due to operation of the statute of limitations, or where the lienholder cannot be located, we are able to assist you with a quiet title action in order to clear the title to your property.

For those potential clients who invest in property tax certificates, please see our tax lien foreclosure services page here.